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Michele is proud to call Hampton Roads home—it’s where she and her husband Pete raised their daughters. Michele is a community leader who shares the values of folks of Smithfield, a warm, welcoming community that cares about its neighbors—that means embracing diversity and equality, knowing it makes us stronger. Hate has no home in HD-64.

Michele will stand firm against the racism and bigotry that are polluting our politics and communities today. HD-64 is a district known for its southern charm. We all have more in common than different. In today’s divisive climate we have an opportunity to be leaders and to strengthen our communities by replacing hate with kindness.

Virginians can do more to stop discrimination in the Commonwealth. It is long past time for equal rights to be recognized in our Constitution. Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment 40+ years ago, but it was never ratified. Virginia has the opportunity to ratify the ERA, making equality a part of our Constitution, which is why it is critical we flip the State House.