U.S. Senator Mark Warner Endorses Michele Joyce for Delegate

(Smithfield, Va., Nov. 1, 2019) — United States Senator Mark Warner endorsed Michele Joyce for Virginia House of Delegates, District 64. Senator Warner said:

“As a longtime community organizer and health care navigator from Smithfield, Michele Joyce understands the needs of rural Virginians. I am proud to support Michele Joyce for Delegate because she will continue to fight for affordable access to health insurance as a fierce advocate for your community. I encourage the folks of HD-64 to get out and vote for Michele Joyce on November 5.”

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Congressman Bobby Scott Endorses Michele Joyce for Delegate

(Smithfield, Va., Oct. 23, 2019) — Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) endorsed Michele Joyce for Virginia House of Delegates, District 64. Congressman Scott said:

“I endorse Michele Joyce for delegate because she has proven herself as a community leader in Hampton Roads with over a decade as an organizer and advocate, helping rural Virginians to find access to affordable health care. Michele will bring a valuable perspective to the General Assembly where her ability to take action will greatly serve the hardworking residents of Isle of Wight County, Prince George County, Suffolk and Surry County.”

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Gun Safety is Key - Letter for Oct. 22: Joyce for Delegate

Keeping our communities safe is the most important task we give our state legislators. Safety in public spaces is not a Republican versus Democrat nor a hunters versus moms issue. We can preserve 2nd Amendment rights and reduce gun violence simultaneously. However, our General Assembly refuses to work on gun safety legislation.

All Virginians mourn when gun violence takes innocent lives. Both Democrats (96%) and Republicans (76%) support universal background checks; 73% of Virginians who voted for President Donald Trump support red-flag laws (Wason Center for Public Policy 2018 survey/Public Policy Polling 2019 poll). Our legislature should follow the will of the people and institute common-sense measures that will save lives while preserving Second Amendment rights.

In House District 64, candidate and proud gun owner Michele Joyce finds no contradiction between bearing arms and protecting lives. Conversely, Del. Emily Brewer is a member of the Republican majority which stonewalled protective measures that could have saved lives in Virginia Beach.

Come Election Day, we must choose candidates based not on party lines but on their commitment to common-sense solutions and public safety. We will be voting for Michele Joyce in HD 64. We encourage readers to vote for candidates like her, who can provide a safer future for us all.

Cdr. Pete Buelow, USN retired, and The Rev. Peggy Buelow


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Joyce Emphasizes Health Care in Office Run

Michele Joyce had no intentions of getting involved in politics.

But that’s when fate, and her work as a community activist, intervened.

About 10 years ago, Joyce had a neighbor whose husband had recently died as she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She said because he didn’t have insurance through his employer, and because she had a pre-existing condition due to having breast cancer, she couldn’t get health care. Bankruptcy, Joyce said, was her neighbor’s only option.

“She had to make decisions between eating and having her treatment,” Joyce said, “and that shouldn’t happen in our country. There’s no reason for anyone to have to make those kinds of decision.”

Because she had insurance as a computer scientist at Jefferson Lab in Newport News — writing software for the lab’s particle accelerator — “I didn’t really know how flawed the system was.”

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Joyce Challenging Brewer

Virginia’s gun control debate is expected to resume in November, but the session is scheduled after the general election when control of the House of Delegates and Senate is on the line.

It also comes after residents in the 64th district of the House of Delegates choose who they want to send to Richmond — incumbent Republican Del. Emily Brewer, or her challenger, Democrat Michele Joyce.

The gun control issue typically splits along party lines, and it was Republicans who, within 90 minutes, pulled the plug on Gov. Ralph Northam’s special session in July following the May mass shooting in Virginia Beach that killed 13, including the shooter.

Joyce is a Democrat but is quick to say she is part of a responsible gun owning family. Her husband enjoys hunting. But, as a mother, she dreads getting a call that her child’s school is on lock-down.

“That adds a whole new dimension on being scared,” she said.

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20-Year Delegate Bill Barlow Has Endorsed Michele Joyce for his Former Seat

(Smithfield, Va., Aug. 13, 2019) — Former Delegate Bill Barlow endorsed Michele Joyce for the seat he once held representing the 64th District of Virginia in the House of Delegates. Barlow, an attorney from Smithfield, Va., previously represented the same district for 20 years, 1992 – 2012. Barlow will also be joining the Joyce for Delegate campaign as chairman of her bipartisan steering committee.

Delegate Barlow released the following statement with endorsement:

“I know the General Assembly, its obstacles and what it takes to improve our community through legislation. Because of that, I can confidently say that Michele Joyce is the best candidate to represent HD-64 and will continue her longtime work of fiercely advocating for our communities in Isle of Wight, Surry, Prince George County and Suffolk.

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314 Action Endorses Michele Joyce for Virginia House of Delegates

(Washington, D.C.) — Today, 314 Action, the nation’s largest resource for scientists and STEM professionals running for public office, announced its endorsement of Michele Joyce, a computer scientist candidate and William & Mary physics graduate who writes software for a particle accelerator at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Va.

Michele is running to represent rural Virginians, bringing focus to the everyday concerns of a community overlooked and underrepresented—starting with affordable access to health care. Michele prides herself on being a “problem solver.” As a computer scientist of 20 years and a rural health care advocate for 10, she brings a unique background to the 2019 races and rounds out a needed perspective in Virginia’s General Assembly.

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Focused Like a Laser - Send a Hot Message in 2019

I had a great day yesterday—kind of like my dog, Sir Isaac Fig Newton, cool and oblivious indoors on an otherwise blistering hot day.

You know one of those rare days that everything seems aligned just right? Today I am finally able to announce my first true political endorsement as a candidate! I got a call that I received the endorsement from 314Action, an organization dedicated to electing more politicians who come from STEM background. I’m still beaming!

You see, I graduated from William & Mary, in 1993, with a B.S. in physics. And I’ve written software for 20 years at Jefferson Lab, one of the nations particle accelerators—yes, yes ... like in “Angels and Demons.” You can’t get more STEM than that!

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